Master Chef Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr Photo - OfficialGraham Kerr, along with Julia Childs, gave us our first look at television cooking and introduced an entire generation to fine food and an industry that has blossomed into multiple cooking channels.  Port Angeles is deeply honored to have Graham and his wife, Treena, as the founding Master Chef team for CrabFest. They not only helped carve out a culinary reputation for this national event, but brought their deep experience and passion to the food of the Northwest…and the food of the sea. [Treena, who was Graham’s devoted partner in life as well as in his culinary endeavors, passed away in 2015, and will be greatly missed.]

First joining us for food demonstrations and book signings, they brought boat-loads of Canadian visitors to the festival to connect with and enjoy this iconic pair. Graham has served as an unofficial host of our own peninsula chefs and culinary aspirants…a connection we all treasure. He has also served as CrabFest’s benefit “Chowder Cook-Off” judge in 2013 and 2016 on behalf of Captain Joseph House Foundation, a place of respite and healing for the Gold Star Veteran Families of our Fallen Heroes. He has become not only our inspiration and guide for great food at CrabFest, but the spirit of growing, harvesting, preparing and eating our Northwest bounty.

Graham Kerr pic w food basketGraham Kerr, known to millions as ‘The Galloping Gourmet’, brought the art of creative cooking to television audiences of countless millions throughout the world from 1969 – 1971. He has written over 25 books, with 14 million copies sold. His most recent book in print, Growing at the Speed of Life, was published in 2011 by Penguin Corp. His focus is on serving people who want to make healthy, creative lifestyle changes and to increase their consumption of fresh, local edible plants and seafood. His life goal is “to help to convert habits that harm into resources that heal both for ourselves and others in need.”

Chef Kerr has received many awards, including the Julia Child Cookbook Award, the James Beard Award, two Emmy nominations for most outstanding daytime programming and induction into the American Culinary Hall of Fame. Today he resides in Washington State, and is working on his goals of increasing people’s daily serving of healthy fruits and vegetables, and reducing portion sizes and making school lunches more delicious and nutritious.

A Flash of SilverJoin Graham and his latest adventure – “A Flash of Silver – A new journey with Graham Kerr: “It’s our latest adventure and you are invited to the trip of a lifetime. You shouldn’t stay home without it! The wild Chinook salmon display such grace, strength and determination as they leap in a ‘flash of silver’ to overcome obstacles so that their species may survive and thrive. Can it be the same for us humans in these troublesome times? Can we also keep going with the same resilience and encourage many more that are like-minded to join us in our journey?”

Chef Graham Kerr, “The Galloping Gourmet”, wows the crowd during the 2013 chef’s demonstrations.Graham Kerr from back of house3