Grab-a-Crab Tank Derby

Wilder Auto & High Tide Seafood Grab-A-Crab Tank Derby

Participate in the Grab-A-Crab Derby by crabbing from large holding tanks (donated by High Tide Seafood) on the city pier using crab snares and bait. A $5 entry will allow you to crab for 10 minutes. No license or gear what so ever is required.

Our Volunteer “Crabbers” are there to help make this a great experience.

If you catch a tagged crab, you get to keep your crab to take home! Or you can purchase your catch for fair market price This is the freshest crab you can get. You can purchase your crab. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, and Interac.  Have your crab cleaned and cooked on the spot or take it home live.

This year you can purchase cooked, cleaned, and chilled fresh crab for a market price to be announced  each. These crab live weight about an average of two pounds, so this is a great deal!

A big thanks to all of our Volunteer Crab Cleaners!

A big thanks to all of our Volunteer Crab Cleaners!

There is always lots of fun at the Grab-A Crab Derby Рan experience like no other!

Many thanks to the Peninsula College Men’s Basketball for being crab cleaners extraordinare!