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Almost Too Beautiful to Eat On!

Local groups come together to give CrabFest diners a message-filled placemat to dine upon

Thanks to a combined effort of: Olympic Culinary Loop, the Port of Port Angeles, the Nature Conservancy and NOAA’s Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, CrabFest crab dinner diners will have a custom placemat to ponder while enjoying their:

  • Whole, fresh Dungeness Crab (warm or cold),
  • Farm fresh local Sunny Farms corn on the cob and local Nash’s organic coleslaw.
  • YUM!
  • 2017 Full Crab Dinner Gift


The placemat project was the brainchild of Olympic Culinary Loop’s Steve Shively, who discussed with Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival’s Executive Director Scott Nagel, the opportunities for sharing important marine science with CrabFest visitors.

Special thanks to the talented crew of Nicole, Jacqueline and Carey at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

Many thanks also to the Nature Conservancy for use of their infographics and the Port of Port Angeles for helping with grant funding of the project.

The placemats’ message regarding the impacts of Ocean acidification (OA) to Dungeness Crab and all lifeforms on our planet is critically important. 

  • What can you do to help Dungeness crabs …

  • CHOOSE to use less energy generated by fossil fuels. Burning fewer fossil fuels will reduce CO2 emissions, making ocean life safer.

  • FIND OUT what your local government, businesses, and schools are doing to reduce use of fossil fuels and transition to renewable, clean energy.

  • EDUCATE others about the negative impact of rampant CO2 emissions on ocean life.

  • SUPPORT RESEARCH to better understand the impacts of ocean acidification (OA) to life on your planet.

We hope that CrabFest crabfeed diners will take a moment – between bites of their delicious meal – to read and choose to get involved with the ongoing work leading to a better understanding of the impacts of Ocean acidification (OA), and how we can help assure deliciously abundant crab will be on the menu for many more CrabFests to come!