Chef! consider sharing our demo stage at the Annual Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival

CrabFest annually welcomes 30,000 “taste tourists” to the Port Angeles waterfront.

We celebrate the food, fall and everything Olympic Peninsula!

Graham Kerr "The Galloping Gourmet" wows the crowd at the chef's demonstrations!

Graham Kerr “The Galloping Gourmet” wows the crowd at the chef’s demonstrations!

Having your chef join the line-up of the select few regional chef’s sharing their passion on-stage with our fans during 30-45 minute on-stage demos Saturday and Sunday will not only boost awareness for your brand, it should also help drive hungry Taste Tourists into your restaurant after the Festival.

Last year’s line-up:

We hope you or one of your talented Chef’s will consider joining the line-up of Chef Cooking Demonstrator presentations.

CrabFest provides a full stage kitchen and whatever is needed for you to cook-up some culinary magic! They’ll cover your expenses of product for demo and travel.

We hope YOU or one of your Chef’s can consider lending an authentic PacNW culinary acknowledgement to one of the regions oldest and largest culinary festivals.

Sign-up today!

Please contact Emcee & Festival segment producer Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival – Chef’s Cooking Demo Stage


Q: How long is each chef demo >  A: Chefs will be allotted a 60 minute slot to complete demo and respond to emcee (Steve!) facilitated Q&A. CrabFest recommends a cooking demo that lasts 30-40 minutes max., with the additional time dedicated to interview and Q&A.

Q: What about Samples? > A: Chefs will be prepared to bring their own pre-made sample/small plate meal and or dish from on-stage demo samples for 50-60 people. Consider a restaurant pan in hot box, rewarmed in demo-stage stove with oven. (Samples are typically plated by stage assistances approx. 10 mins. before your cooking demo ends. First audience members in line get samples. Everyone gets recipe card)

Q: What equipment is available > A: The demo stage includes:

  • Commercial Refrigerator
  • 6-burner commercial propane stove with oven
  • Hand sink with hot water
    Two (2) – 6 foot laminated butcher block tables
  • Overhead mirror and wireless lav mike / sound system
  • Cutting boards, towels, paper towels
  • Bleach water, soap, sanitize test strips
  • Assorted pots, pans, and utensils (I recommend bringing your own knife set, and if you have need for a specialized “left handed melon pulp extractor” bring that too!)
  • Food handling gloves
  • A team of 1 or 2 veteran CrabFest demo stage chef’s assistance ready at stage right to help.

Q: Who provides the product > A: CrabFest will reimburse Chefs for cost of all goods associated with pre-made samples and on-stage cooking demo. Please provide receipts and details for reimbursement at time of pre-cooking demo check-in. (If you need help with advance shopping – especially if fish or Dungeness Crab is on your list! – let us know – soon – so we can add it to our wholesale order)

  • CrabFest will provide the above mentioned demo stage kitchen, basic prep utensils and pantry essentials, and all sample service items e.g. sample cups. “boats”, napkins, etc.  Chefs are encouraged to bring their own knifes and any specialized equipment needed for cooking-demo. (If in doubt ask in advance!)

Q: Can you give me an idea of what has been done in the past. > A: Everything from chowders and sautés to seafood twists on classics such as Salmon Benedict. Fans really enjoy tips on technique and insights on ingredient selection and recommended pairings.
We ask chefs to provide an electronic file for their “cook at home recipe” of their demoed item. Written is such a way as to include home-cook short cuts for exotic line ingredients they might not have access to or “mere mortal” near-impossible culinary techniques are always appreciated.

Hope this helps, let me know if you other questions.

Again, so pleased that you are considering your talents with CrabFest!


Thank you!